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For Health, Healing & Beyond

Yoga creates the space that allows us to be all that we can be.

I teach Yoga for health, healing, personal transformation and empowerment. A Yoga practice can maintain good health. It can be used therapeutically to support the recovery and management of illness, injuries and disability.

Applied intelligently yoga practices can support us to be all we can be, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

I offer a range of options including group classes; private sessions in your own home; more in depth workshops and retreats allowing you to get away for a while, recharge and deepen your experience.  I also run programmes for organisations and closed client groups.

Please take a look through the site to find something that suits you. It should answer most of your questions but please contact me if you’d like to know anything else.

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I offer several teaching options so whatever your preferences and experience there is something to suit you.

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Yoga can provide tools and guidance for recovering and maintaining both physical and spiritual health.  I teach Yoga for health and healing.



In addition to classes, one-to-one sessions and workshops I offer various yoga events, retreats and programmes.

Latest News


From November 2017, you can now get your lunch from Bonobo Cafe and come along to my Meditation Lunch Club on a Thursday for just £10!   Giving YOU a happy mind-belly discount on both!

How It Works:

  • Buy your voucher from the Bonobo Tribe at their Cafe on Skene Street, from Love Yoga Studio or from myself
  • Use your voucher to collect your delicious vegan wrap & hot drink lunch (eat-in, take away and/or bring along to the meditation session as you choose) AND your meditation session (Thursdays 12.15-1pm @Love Yoga Studio)
  • Your voucher gets marked when you redeem your bounty and we keep it when you’ve collected both
  • You can use it together on the same day or on separate occasions
  • Easy-as-vegan-pie!