About Me

Hi, I’m Emma

I started practising yoga in 2006 to improve how I was feeling physically and I quickly noticed feeling more relaxed and comfortable in my body. I also started to feel calmer emotionally and less busy mentally. As I reaped the benefits I practised and studied more and more and a few years later decided to train so that I could share yoga with others. The more I practise and teach the more benefits I find!

I am very passionate about yoga and its ability to support us to become independent in recovery, wellbeing and self-empowerment. Unlike some health practitioners, a yoga teacher is like a mentor or life coach supporting you to learn how to manage and direct your own health and personal transformation. This has been so important in my own life which has seen family trauma, addictions and mental illness cause a lot of pain and suffering. My yoga practice has been vital in helping me manage and overcome behaviours and experiences that for a long time had me trapped.

emma kidd
emma practising yoga

I study yoga in a tradition passed down from ancient yogis into modern times through the hearts and minds of T Sri Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar. For these teachers, there aren’t different styles of yoga as much as different tools for yoga. I have been able to study and practice with many wonderful teachers such as Brenda Louw, Sarah Ryan, Frans Moors and Dr. Chandrasekaran as well as home-based teachers such as Martin Julich and Rebecca Murray. I continue to study with my personal teacher Colin Dunsmuir and regularly attend seminars and training. I have also had significant care, teachings and guidance from Doreen Allan.

The tools I have been taught and continue to study and practise have unearthed a strength, light and vitality that I love to share and they continue to transform me into the strongest, most creative, open and loving version of myself that I can be.

I look forward to working with you.