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Make The Most of The New Year: Workshop Sunday 12th January

Come stretch, breath and explore how to stick to your intentions … and meet some other lovely like-minded folk. More info at: Events And ūüôā

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Develop a Yoga Practice Workshop

Make the most of your New Year Resolutions! This workshop aims to support existing students and those new to yoga to develop and maintain a practice.
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Yes, yoga can help boost your business!

Nice article. Practice yoga to live.

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Steps are in an order for a reason

I have a NEW CLASS starting on 8th November at Love Yoga, Aberdeen Vinyasa Practice Fridays 9:30-11am. Vinyasa krama is the special arrangement of steps towards a desired goal. In …

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Dancing with myself

My heart has been feeling a bit heavy the last few days. So today I have been using touch (nyasa) and visualisation (bhavana) to feed it with light. And now …

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  • DateAugust 29, 2013
  • AuthorEmma

Life is a Samskara Seesaw . . .

. . . which way are you swinging? In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali¬†draws from and builds on the Samkhya School of Hindu Philosophy to¬†describe the¬†various layers¬†we¬†are made up of¬†as¬†human beings.¬† …

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Practice Makes . . . A Little Better

Life is like surfing and surfing is like yoga (and hey Joao I am the yoga teacher around here!). I recently decided to start surfing. ¬†I knew I would find …

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Just staying, happy

Last night I listened to Pema Chodron speaking about our need to distract ourselves from our underlying fear or unease; constantly scratching the itch she called it. She described how …

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Vata balancing Good Friday

A day to balance my flip-flying, keep-moving, more-ideas-than-minutes-in-the-day-vata constitution. Bed rest and no work! Happy Easter! Slow breakfast of porridge with banana and coconut. Phone call with my dad. Messages …

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Memories one day, blog post the next

Wow … was just thinking about that retreat yesterday and today, Manjunaga’s blog was posted on my friend’s Facebook page. He was my yoga teacher there.

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