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Local Conscious House&Home Care 2017

  • DateJuly 18, 2017
  • AuthorEmma

LCHC Square

As part of an idea for expanding the ways that we can bring Yoga into our lives, hearts and homes, I am offering a new service in 2017.

(LoCoHoCa perhaps!!?) in the Broomhill & Holburn area of Aberdeen.

I see this as bringing the loving energy of Yoga into your house&home, while you’re in, while you’re at work or while you’re away from home. As our homes, gardens and pets are extensions of who we are and the thngs we do there are often about looking after ourselves, we want to take good care of them and sometimes we can do with a little helping hand.  I’d like to offer a flexible, mindful service to households I can walk to from my home.

This may include dog walking, home & cat-sitting, gardening, plant watering, cooking, cleaning.

Imagine getting home from work or a holiday to a homemade pot of soup and batch of scones.  Or you’d like some options stored in your freezer for the next week or two that are looking busy.


Maybe it’s just not fun cooking on your own and you’d like some company to make and share a meal. Or maybe you just really want to know that your plants and vegetables are being looked after while you’re away.

Local Conscious House&Home Care. Mindful, Eco, Organic, Affordable Care for You, Your Family & Your Home.  Here starts something beautiful

Contact me, Emma on 07590815175

Of course, I also teach yoga & meditation to groups & individuals, we could informally combine these offerings.


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