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A Happy Mind Belly with Bonobo & Me!

  • DateNovember 15, 2017
  • AuthorEmma

JPEG voucher front

You can now get your lunch from Bonobo Cafe and come along to my Meditation Lunch Club on a Thursday for just £10!   Giving YOU a happy mind-belly discount on both!

How It Works:

  • Buy your voucher from the Bonobo Tribe at their Cafe on Skene Street, from Love Yoga Studio or from myself
  • Use your voucher to collect your delicious vegan wrap & hot drink lunch (eat-in, take away and/or bring along to the meditation session as you choose) AND your meditation session (Thursdays 12.15-1pm @Love Yoga Studio)
  • Your voucher gets marked when you redeem your bounty and we keep it when you’ve collected both
  • You can use it together on the same day or on separate occasions
  • Easy-as-vegan-pie!

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