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North East Wellbeing March 2016

  • DateJanuary 20, 2016
  • AuthorEmma

Do you know anyone looking for help with alcohol or drugs in Aberdeenshire?  Are they living in or around the Inverurie/Kemnay/Huntly/Westhill area?  We have a great opportunity for them!


North East Wellbeing Project is offering an 8 week programme of holistic therapy starting 4th March 2016 designed to support healing, change and recovery from addiction.  The DEADLINE for Referrals is 12th FEBRUARY 2016. 

It combines a range of approaches and uses both group and individual work to provide tools and support for the goals identified as important in each individual’s recovery journey.


The group yoga sessions focus on teaching simple tools for training ourselves to cope better with life.  No tying ourselves in knots or jumping about too much but plenty of practices that we can use easily in our daily lives.

Clients also get weekly private one-to-one sessions with therapists from approaches such as reflexology, aromatherapy, massage, indigenous Native American healing, yoga therapy, energy healing and hypnotherapy.  These sessions are more focused on individual issues and conditions and can support someone, for example, to digest a previous trauma or better manage physical pain.

Group yoga sessions take place on Friday evenings and one-to-one therapy sessions are arranged individually.  The project at this time is being delivered through Inverurie.

Following a successful first cycle, we are taking referrals now for Cycle 2, which will start Friday 4th March.

The DEADLINE for Referrals is 12th FEBRUARY 2016. 


For more information see or contact Lynda at the email address above or Tel: 01224 630072 or Emma Kidd at or Mob: 07590815175



What Have Previous Clients Said About The Project?

“I found the whole project extremely useful – the one to one therapy sessions were fantastic and I learned tools to use throughout the day and night for my anxiety and self-esteem issues. The spiritual healing sessions were amazing and I feel I have dealt with some major issues which I have suppressed for some time”

 – – – – 

“It’s been amazing.  I have learned a lot of different yoga techniques that I can and have used often in the past eight weeks.  I have learned how to love my breath and listen and be kind to myself and my body”.

 – – – – 

“In a particular situation … I used the pressure points and deep breathing [I’d been taught]
to avoid buying alcohol which was a great feeling.”

– – – –

“Seeing how easy it is to just overcome the will of your conscious mind and look right into your heart for the truth, rather than your head. I learned that a lot of things are about intuition and spiritually. These tools can improve life so much”.


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