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Postcard from November’s Retreat

  • DateNovember 30, 2017
  • AuthorEmma


Feeling a lot lighter than when I arrived, and more aware of breath and yoga as a practice than just physical activity.

Nine beautiful people came together for the Seeing with New Eyes Yoga & Permaculture retreat with myself and Lusi Alderslowe in November.  It’s the first time I’ve been drawn to offer a retreat and it certainly won’t be the last.

It was an honour to witness the nurture and care that spread through the group as we used yoga and Permaculture to bring our attention to ways of feeling more in tune with ourselves and our natural environment.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and had a grounding and settling practice before dinner.  After introducing ourselves around the fire we used asana and pranayama practices that soothed us towards sleep with hot spiced milk to finish us off!

Aerial Winter Sun

We woke the next morning for an early practice to get our appetites going and were treated to this beautiful view and gorgeous winter’s day!

Permaculture came next and Lusi introduced the principles that this ‘system for sustainable design’ is based on  . . . like ‘valuing natural resources’, ‘everything gardens’ and ‘minimal input for maximum effect’.  The aim of the weekend was connect more deeply with ourselves and to nature and with this in mind, we used Permaculture practices of observing in nature guided by the principles to notice the bounty, rhythms and resources around us . . . foraging juicy berries, observing how the layers in nature co-operate and support each other and the kinds of impact that happens when ‘disconnected’ components have been introduced.

20171111_132042 20171111_124156

The Yoga was guided to encourage people to explore the quality of effort they were approaching practices with and to pay attnetion to how it was leaving their body, mind and breath feeling.  We were looking to allow ourselves to feel such things as lighter, easier, free-er, steadier and satisfied.  These feelings, more than specific goals or techniques, were what were telling us that we were finding an approach that suited and supported us and was moving us into a greater connection with ourselves.

Trust was a key quality we were looking to nurture; whether looking through Permaculture or Yoga, trusting that wherever and however we find ourselves and our environment, nature and our natural instincts are always moving to brings us and everything back into wellness and balance.

20171112_083131 20171111_173213

Alongside ALL of this this, the Burn staff made everyone super welcome – this really is their speciality – and the food and fire kept us nourished, nurtured and cosy!

20171111_193310  Food Crop

To say thank you, we used our new found Permaculture perspective to offer the Burn some ideas for making even more of the 200 wonderful acres they have!

Tree Diagram Crop

What The Group Said About the Retreat

David & his staff are very special. Everyone who is in the house feels a part of it and you feel instantly welcome and at ease. All my needs were accommodated.


I really liked the way Lusi & Emma blended the topics together and brought in the venue and grounds.


I really appreciated the ease and flow of the weekend.  The way we all felt on one level


Thanks again for that wonderful retreat – really was what the doctor ordered & I keep thinking if I felt like that…..

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