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Seeing Through New Eyes: Yoga & Permaculture Retreat

  • DateSeptember 20, 2017
  • AuthorEmma

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The deeper the connection we have with ourselves and our environment, the more relaxed, supported and

easy our lives become.

Seeing Through New Eyes: A Retreat in Yoga & Permaculture 10th-12th November 2017

The Burn, Glenesk, Edzell, Aberdeenshire / Angus

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The Retreat

The deeper the connection we have with ourselves and our environment, the more relaxed, supported and easy our lives become.
This retreat is designed to support you to allow yourself more space for insight and connection in your daily life.  


  • being soothed with sleep-inducing yoga in the evening, waking up feeling refreshed in the morning and, without the usual distractions of home, you slip on your comfy clothes and saunter downstairs to be guided in gentle, opening and energising movement and breath work, options shown that suit you depending on your body and how it’s feeling.


  • feeling awake, fresh, tingly and hungry and being served breakfast choices that are tasty AND you know are going to support you to stay energised and well.

Then imagine

  • having time to rest, shower and be you before being guided in peaceful observations in nature that get you noticing details and patterns that give you answers to concerns, situations or decisions taking place in your life.

AND then imagine

  • more of the same for lunch, dinner and into the next day.

From Friday 3pm to Sunday 12 noon, we will nourish ourselves with morning, midday and evening Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation practices and delicious, health-supporting meals and snacks. Alongside this we will learn to observe our surroundings through the ethics and principles or Permaculture, the first step in the Permaculture design system for sustainable living.


The Burn is an idyllic estate of geological and natural beauty run by a charitable body for educational retreats.



Location & Transport

The area is served by Montrose and Laurencekirk Train Stations.
It is accessible by bus from Aberdeen and Dundee.
It is easily accessible from Aberdeen & the North East, Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh & Glasgow areas.
We can collect attendees from nearby locations.
There is parking at the venue and carshare will be supported.

The Burn Map

Retreat Team


Lusi Alderslowe teaches Permaculture Design Courses, Permaculture for children and is a diploma tutor. Emma Kidd offers group and individual teaching and support in Yoga & Yoga Therapy as well as creating collaborative holistic activities for wellbeing.
Both are passionate about Yoga & Permaculture and love the crossover between the two.
We will be supported by the enthusiastic David Turner and his awesome team at The Burn.


Pricing options include:

  • Pay It Forward* £375
  • Standard £275
  • Low Waged £215
  • Unwaged £165

*This option support us to offer lower pricing alternatives.

Our cancellation policy is available here.

For special events, programmes and courses, our cancellation policy is as follows: –

  • where 60 days or more notice is received, up to 50% refund can be made after all associated costs have been met.
  • where 30-60 days notice is received, up to 25% refund can be made after all associated costs have been met.
  • where less than 30 days notice is received, no refund can be made.

Contact & Booking

Please contact me for information and booking at

or Mob: 07590815175.

A booking form is available at:

Tickets are also available at:



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    sounds like a wonderful program, thank you for doing this.

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    i love the name of this event, seeing through new eyes. another might be experiences through new awareness. one thing that the beings on the land have taught me is that throughout time humans have worked in partnership with all the beings on the land, animals, plants, microbes, etc. and it is only recently that we are so alone and isolated and feeling we need to “do everything.” i have a funny story to tell. i advocate for microbes and believe that using microbe inoculations is the key to restoring our ecosystems. one day they told me you treat us like pets. we have been working on the earth for billions of years and you have no idea who we are. what an adjustment.

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