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Yoga to Increase Potential

Devotion More Than Discipline

I needed my practice this morning.  I was feeling a little heavy (not surprising for 38 weeks pregnant!) and discouraged and needed Yoga to increase potential within me.  How do I know I got there?  I came away feeling more positive, light-hearted and playful!  What better feelings to take us towards our potential for the day!?

I am so pleased that I have found the DEVOTION more than the discipline these days to ALLOW it to uplift and arouse me to #BeMyFree.

I used to feel a bit irked by the word devotion and instead righteously preferred the word discipline.  It felt like I was ‘doing good’, ‘putting in the effort’, ‘working hard’.  And that was the best way I knew feel and to approach life.

Life is supposed to be fun, free and easy

These days I realise that we don’t need to TRY so hard and effort so much.

Life’s supposed to be inspired by FEELING good and ALLOWING the good feelings to flow into what we do.  It’s truly a miracle for me to have shifted into this belief and I can only thank the teachings I’ve had through Yoga to increase potential within me to feel lighter, higher, free-er feelings.

For me, the word devotion rather than discipline now allows more feeling and freedom into my practice.  I still find a daily practice so important, but I allow it to inspire me.  I think of it, like my friend Dermot from Aberdeen in Recovery described to me earlier in the week, as ‘devoting’ time and focus to myself, my wellbeing, and my connection with the world.

It Doesn’t Always Need to ‘Look Like’ Yoga to Increase Potential

Journalling as Yoga to Increase Potential

Guided Journalling Towards Higher Thinking

Yoga is so broad in terms of how you can get there, and it has so many overlaps with so many other holistic traditions.  You could be practising Yoga without realizing it. There are:

  • as many postures as bodies to perform them
  • as many teachers as students
  • as many styles as studios
  • as many objects of meditation as imaginations to create them
  • as many practices as practioners

What is helpful is to find a teacher or teachers who inspire you and who can guide with some consistency and clarity of intention and enough awareness and wisdom to point you towards the steps, tools and turns that will take you forward in your journey towards your own intuition, understanding and awakening.

When Intuition Guides Your Practise

This morning I intuitively knew (something that would have been so lost to me a few years ago) that I needed stillness, surrender and some soothing journal-ling to ease my thoughts towards appreciation and trust and away from discouragement and doubt.  I’ve found myself reacting habitually in critical thought and speech these last few days and it worries me in terms of how others relate or don’t to me, how I may relate in this way to my nearly-here-baby.

The journal-ling AFTER meditation really allowed me to see how much progress I’ve made with this conditioned behaviour; how much less I try to defend it; how much easier I find it to bring awareness to it without further criticism, guilt and judgement.  It’s important that the journal-ling comes from the quiet awareness of the deeper mind and not the scrutiny of ego!  THIS is Yoga to increase potential – identifying ourselves with the deeper awareness, the space within rather than the fluctuating chatter of the mind.

Same for We as for I: Collective Change Requires The Same Compassionate Awareness

I didn’t used to know there was another way to change what you wanted to change without criticizing what was.  Now I realise that the best way to get what you want is to appreciate what you have and get excited about how it could be even better.  I feel this is especially important for us collectively right now.  There are many things in the worlds that are urgently for us to change.  This is and will continue to come about through us focusing on the good underneath the fear-driven behaviours and policies and encouraging and reassuring more TRUST and AWARENESS in more people so that we can #BeOurFree.

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