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Just staying, happy

Last night I listened to Pema Chodron speaking about our need to distract ourselves from our underlying fear or unease; constantly scratching the itch she called it. She described how small our worlds can become when our ego mind is working hard to ensure we don’t feel that feeling and how open we can be when we can accept it with a warm, loving faith. I know I’ve felt both where not so long ago the latter was fairly unchartered territory.

Its amazing how protective and persuasive my mind has been over the years to keep me away from situations that challenge me, scare me, make me feel less-than; how much it belittles and makes wrong those situations and those people that choose to do them. I’m thankful I see this for what it is today.  I’m thankful I know what open feels like. I’m thankful I know there is far more open to open to.

A friend passed me details of a creative empowerment workshop the other day. I’m considering looking into it. It feels like time to harness that power and manifest.
🙂  Also had talk of silent retreat come up a few times and wondering if this also is on the cards.

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