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Steps are in an order for a reason

I have a NEW CLASS starting on 8th November at Love Yoga, Aberdeen

Vinyasa Practice Fridays 9:30-11am.

Vinyasa krama is the special arrangement of steps towards a desired goal.

In this class the practice will be arranged to take students in steps to develop stability, stamina, focus and awareness.

From January 2014, the session contents will be arranged in 10 week blocks.  Regular attendance will support students to develop a personal practice and drop-ins are equally welcome.


A yoga practice can take you in steps towards what you need for that day, towards a goal relating to a particular time in your life and towards an ultimate goal of perfect clarity and freedom.

You should start where you are: a practice that is attentive and uses observation allows you to become skilled at listening to how and where you are each time you start.

You should go in stages towards a goal or goals:  A good knowledge of the tools (eg certain asana and pranayama techniques) and clarity on your goal allows for efficiency and progress; each step in your practise prepares you for the next

You should finish where you need to be:  For example, the time of day you practise and what you are doing afterwards is a consideration in your choice of tools.  A morning practice can set you up for the day.  An evening practise can prepare you for sleep.


And when the goal feels impossible: focusing on the step you’re on can make the difference between hanging on in and walking away.

Hope to see you on the mat. 🙂

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