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Vata balancing Good Friday

A day to balance my flip-flying, keep-moving, more-ideas-than-minutes-in-the-day-vata constitution.

Bed rest and no work! Happy Easter!

Slow breakfast of porridge with banana and coconut.

Phone call with my dad. Messages from friends. Cups of green tea.

Bath with rosewood and geranium oils.

Haircut and head massage with
Lorna at Biyoni. She’s lovely and good.

Quiet evening with an experimental dinner of sweet potato, coconut,almond and spinach stew with cardomom and Womersley’s Lime, Black Pepper & Lavendar Vinegar, served with rice. Recipe to follow.

BBC Radio 6’s 6 mix, tonight with Underworld’s Karl Hyde, providing the perfect soundtrack, carressing my nerves with the likes of John Martyn, soft tinny vibes I’ve not heard from Sarah Peebles and a sweet gospel infused blue grass tune called Buffalo Soldier by a band called The Persuasions.

Hhhh  Hhhhmmmmm

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